Health Administration/Medical Administration

As with any other businesses, the healthcare industry also needs administrators to handle their business. Administrating a business includes managing the business operations and making sound business decisions as well as organising human and materials resources in other to achieve a common and targeted goal.

Medical administration and health administration can both referred to as healthcare administration. Healthcare administration can define as both the short and long term decisions taken in the best interest of the healthcare system.

Making use of administration in the healthcare system is essentiatl to coordinate the medical personnel to ensure the proper use of tools and equipment in other to deliver excellent healthcare for their patients while also overseeing the financial aspects of the facility to ensure the smooth running of the system.

Importance of Healthcare Administration

Most people often overlook the organisational sector of any medical facilities. At the mention of a hospital, everyone will think about the doctors, nurses and their assistance while disregarding the brain behind the smooth running of such a facility. It is undeniable that the work of healthcare administrators are mostly back scene, but they are worth in the healthcare system cannot underestimate because they hold the strings that keep the system in shape. These administrators have significant influence in providing and ensuring availability, accessibility and the chance for patients to obtain good healthcare in the medical facilities. Professional and skilled healthcare administrators offer a conducive environment for medical practitioners in Sydney to perform their work effectively and efficiently. They also provide a good environment for patients to receive their treatments.

They make sure that the medical facilities provide quality healthcare for their patients while also focusing on the business and financial side to ensure the perfect running of the medical facility.


Independent of the size of the healthcare facility, the administrative role is the lifeblood, and it plays a substantial role in such an environment. Because the works of healthcare administrators are important, they have numerous responsibilities which can all grouped under the following.

  • Management of the Healthcare Operations
  • Financial Management of the Healthcare Facility
  • Managing Human and Material Resources
  • Handling of Legal Issues
  • Public Relations of the Healthcare.
  • Management of the Healthcare Operations

The administrator in a healthcare system is responsible for formulating, coordinating, monitoring and of the organisation goals and objectives to ensure the business is progressing. The administrator also oversees and ensure the proper functions of both human and materials resources in the organisation. Other duties include: drafting the budget, providing a conducive environment for both medical practitioner and patients, strategic planning, etc.

Financial Management of the Healthcare Facility

Healthcare administrators are responsible for handling the organisation’s financial matters. They control the billing, payment of staffs, buying of required tools and equipment and also ensuring that the organisation is making economic progress and good profits.

Managing Human and Material Resources

Humans are known to be the most challenging living beings to exist, so they need appropriate supervision to make sure that the necessary things are done in the proper time to ensure that the organisational goals and objectives get achieved. The healthcare administrators handle everyone working in the medical facility and ensure that the required resources to perform their functions provided. They are also responsible for ensuring that the best hands are hired for any job opening, offering incentives and support for both staff and patients.

Handling of Legal Issues

Laws also extend his mighty hands into medical professions. So the administrators make sure that they are updated about the current rules of their practising countries and in turn inform the medical practitioners and ensure total compliance with it. And in case of any legal fallouts, they make sure it gets appropriately handled.

Public Relations of the Healthcare

The administrators are responsible for managing information either internally or externally. They are liaisons between the sectors in the organisation and also between the medical facility and their host communities.

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